Halftone shut down in 2015.

We create interactive stories, tools, and products that are driven by your data and crafted to delight your users.

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What would you like to do with your data? Your needs may be reflected in some of the projects we've created before. Take a look at a few of the things we can do...

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Paul Van Slembrouck, Creative Director
Paul (@ptvan) graduated from Michigan's Ross School of Business. Drawing upon experience in finance, economics, advertising, and tech startups, he finds happiness in applying visualization design to challenges in all industries.
Michael Porath, Director of Technology
Michael (@poezn) graduated from UC Berkeley, where he also taught the theory and craft of information visualization to graduate students. Before realizing his love for visualizing data, Michael lead data driven engineering projects for a number of companies in the Swiss financial sector.

Halftone is located in SOMA, San Francisco, California. (map)