We help clients manage, design, and realize data visualization projects of any size. Our focus is solving industry specific problems and communicating effectively through visualization and interaction design.

Some of our work

Generate art with global temperature data This project displays over 100 years of average monthly land temperature data collected from over 7,200 climate monitoring stations, with each month creating unique geometric artwork.
Learn why the sky is blue It's a simple question that few can answer correctly. We created this simple animated explanation to demonstrate the power of using clear narrative structures to educate and inform. Imagine if you had seen something like this when you were in school.
Find out about the wave of Tibetan self-immolations To protest against Chinese government policies, at least 105 Tibetans in historic Tibet have set themselves on fire in the last two years - the vast majority of whom have died. This map presents key events and incidents of self-immolation that have occurred in this wave of protests.
See the growth of Open Data This piece appearing in GOOD magazine shows the increasing pace of companies releasing APIs since 2006, and highlights government initiatives to open data to the public.
Discover the history of the United States Manifest Destiny portrays the territorial evolution of the United States from 1790 to the present, covering important milestones such as the Louisiana Purchase or the Civil War.

About Us

Paul Van Slembrouck, Creative Director
Paul (@ptvan) graduated from Michigan's Ross School of Business. Drawing upon experience in finance, economics, advertising, and tech startups, he finds happiness in applying visualization design to challenges in all industries.
Michael Porath, Director of Strategy & Technology
Michael (@poezn) graduated from UC Berkeley, where he also teaches the theory and craft of information visualization to graduate students, nurturing the next generation of visualization creators.

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